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Friday, February 21, 2014

Field demonstration 2014

February 13, 2014 we had our field demonstration where all students showed their talent in dancing. 
Sayang! I was not able to see K1 and K2 perform :-(

Prom Night 2014

February 7, 2014 was a special night for the Juniors and Seniors of FEU Diliman. It was a Friday and it was their Prom Night. For the seniors, it will be a little sad for it will be their last but for the Juniors it's a different story. The Juniors really prepared for that night. Not knowing what awaits them on that special night, they were all nervous and excited. In my observation, their common denominator is they all look majestic! Since our Prom theme is masquerade they were all wearing masks.
But at the end of the formal program, I noticed that majority of the students were into slow dancing unlike the previous batches who loved disco and that's one major revelation of their unmasking. I think majority of the students are oh so in love! Oh how cute! 
I personally enjoyed this year's prom and why wouldn't I? I'm the M.C. for the third time and I saw everything from the stage especially the different dance routines of the Juniors and Seniors.
Well the most exciting part is the after prom bonding with my friends and colleagues. Oh Prom! It really was a night to remember. 
Master of Ceremony
Elegant invitations from Craftopia

The Stage. The Dance floor. The Lights.

Moi with friends and work

I wore the crown first hihihi