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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


University of the Philippines Los Ba�os
A few years ago Talento dragged me to UPLB. I got so scared because I was not able to ask permission from my mom and it was also my birthday. He showed me the very famous fertility tree, introduced me to his college buddies and gave me a tour to his favorite spots inside the campus. Although I was already fascinated and overwhelmed with the sights, views and people that I see, my heart was still pounding hard and fast for I still did not inform my mom where I was during my birthday. I remembered one of Tal's brad saying to me not to worry and just enjoy my stay in UPLB while I'm still there and worry if I'm already back in Q.C. Ngek! Well, he's right! Might as well have fun, enjoy their company and celebrate my birthday while in UPLB! Have fun now...worry later! Anyways it's not that my mom would still spank me when I get home...harharhar!

A few more years later, we returned to our beloved UPLB! This time we took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. It's not just the camera that we brought but friends too. We had fun and explored the different places we haven't seen yet.

Right now, I am hoping that one of these days Talento would drag me again to UPLB just for the heck and thrill of it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

International Women's Month

The Award!
Mhe ann, Nora and Jens
Mr. Knuttel and Mrs. Castro
My close friend and co-teacher Nora Castada told us that we're going to attend a conference at FEU Morayta after our classes. Our Directress informed her to invite two of her closest friends. So Ms. Mhe ann and I  came along. When we got to the Archives Room in the admin building of FEU Morayta, we saw the treasurer of FEU Ms. Jose nearly finished with her speech about womanhood. After her speech, someone acknowledge the presence of our very own Nora Castada. Not only that! She was also asked to come forward to receive her certificate of recognition for being an active and dedicated Peace Educator and Administrator of the Peace Tech Video Conferencing Program. She was surprised! Mhe Ann and I were also surprised with what had happened! we were so proud and happy for our Maám Nora Castada!
One more thing, after the awarding ceremony, we were asked to join the President of FEU for a lite snack. Upon leaving our seats, a very handsome half-German, half-Filipino hunk approached me, gave me a sweet kiss and said..."hi maám!" Oh my! It was our very own Jens Knuttel! He's one of my first Nexus students way back 2006-2007. I was so happy and thrilled to see him all grown up and very matured and still the gentleman that he is.
So I got my cam phone and took pictures of Mhe Ann, Nora and Jens. Mhe Ann was sweet enough to take a picture of me and Mr. Jens Knuttel!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nexus Girls

Mark, Mary Nielle, Teacher Agnes and Kathlene
These pictures of me with my Nexus students (at least some of them) were taken during the second victory party of the football and chess teams during the 73rd UAAP. All FERNians from nursery to high school celebrated with the champions. There were free food, games, performances from teachers and students and most of all there was JOLLIBEE! We all had a good time! We're so proud of our little azcals!
Mika, Erika, Teacher Agnes and Danica

Dane, Luisa, Teacher Agnes and Rodelee

Junior-Senior Promenade 2011

Angela, Erika, Mika,Mark,Christine,Patricia,Kathlene,Me
Angel Joy receiving the key of responsibility from Bryan

We just had our JS Prom last February 16, 2011 and all I can say is WE were ALL BEAUTIFUL! Not just beautiful but refined, prim and proper as well. All the teachers were so proud of their students for behaving like ladies and gentlemen. The students enjoyed taking pictures of themselves and their friends and with their parents as well.
We loved the video presentation prepared by all sections during dinner time. I was excited for the third year football players (our very own azkalz) because it's their first time to experience this kind of occasion. All of us enjoyed the photo booth, the food, the music, the company of friends and teachers and a few of the parents who were also joyful and excited to see their little sons and daughters turn into princes and princesses that night. Last night was another Prom Night to remember. I can't wait for next year's JS-Prom!

Friendster - Gezelle's Photos - high school batch reunion at libis (2005)

Blast from the Past

I was trying to find the engagement picture/s of Tal's best friend Trick and it's a good thing that one of their high school friends uploaded it on Friendster. Wow! I was surprised to see myself so skinny pa unlike now...I'm a fatso! I really enjoyed that engagement party of Patrick and Lucelle at Gerry's Grill. The food was gastronomical and the laughter, sharing and bonding was priceless. If I'm not mistaken, we all went to Starbucks, Eastwood after dinner. Hhhhhmmmm...
Just click the Link to see our group picture.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Testing Picasa 123

Experimenting on my newly downloaded Picasa3 at 12:15 A.M.
My vanity collage!
Posted by PicasaI never got the chance to download Picasa 3  5 years ago. Maybe beacause I never gave myself time to explore new things in the internet. I just focused on my Friendster and Multiply accounts. I just hope I won't get addicted  too much on this stuff!