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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tala's Jaen Vacation

April 10-16 our baby Tala stayed in Jaen to accompany nanay an tatay. She was with ate Hannah, her tita Eden and ate Vicky. After two days, ate Eden and ate Vicky went back home to QC. For six days tala and Hannah looked after their lolo and lola. The two kiddos always take their morning and after siesta walks. Tala loved the outdoors very much.
On the 16th, tal and I went to Jaen since it's the start of our vacation and that we do not need to report until the 5th of May. 
I noticed that tala's very happy to be in Jaen. She enjoyed the company of her new playmates her third cousins and she appreciates the beauty of nature around her. She wakes up early in Jaen and eats well too! I love the routine here in the province especially the part where we get to sleep early. Such a provincial life. Anyways, sleep is a luxury for us. 
On the 18th, we attended the Castro reunion in Rivera. The next day before we went back to QC, we went swimming at a nearby resort called the golden shower. Tala enjoyed the water so much she doesn't want to get out even if her lips turned violet. 
I enjoyed my Jaen vacation simply because my Tala did :-)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Back to Don Day

Yes we're back here at Don Day and this time we invited our colleagues for them to try this goody Korean buffet. Almost all of them had at least two plates. All of us enjoyed this gastronomical adventure here at UP Village. Well this serves also as a despedida for our dear miss Jane. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dinner at Don Day

It was just another spur of the moment decision from our friend to have our early dinner in a Korean restaurant in UP Village. Don Day is the name of the restaurant and I was so excited to go cause it's a buffet. I like the food especially their vegetables, it's very green and fresh. I just love these gastronomical moments with my hubbyLents an friends. Thanks boss for the treat!