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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

International Women's Month

The Award!
Mhe ann, Nora and Jens
Mr. Knuttel and Mrs. Castro
My close friend and co-teacher Nora Castada told us that we're going to attend a conference at FEU Morayta after our classes. Our Directress informed her to invite two of her closest friends. So Ms. Mhe ann and I  came along. When we got to the Archives Room in the admin building of FEU Morayta, we saw the treasurer of FEU Ms. Jose nearly finished with her speech about womanhood. After her speech, someone acknowledge the presence of our very own Nora Castada. Not only that! She was also asked to come forward to receive her certificate of recognition for being an active and dedicated Peace Educator and Administrator of the Peace Tech Video Conferencing Program. She was surprised! Mhe Ann and I were also surprised with what had happened! we were so proud and happy for our Maám Nora Castada!
One more thing, after the awarding ceremony, we were asked to join the President of FEU for a lite snack. Upon leaving our seats, a very handsome half-German, half-Filipino hunk approached me, gave me a sweet kiss and said..."hi maám!" Oh my! It was our very own Jens Knuttel! He's one of my first Nexus students way back 2006-2007. I was so happy and thrilled to see him all grown up and very matured and still the gentleman that he is.
So I got my cam phone and took pictures of Mhe Ann, Nora and Jens. Mhe Ann was sweet enough to take a picture of me and Mr. Jens Knuttel!


  1. Congratulations Ma'am Nora!
    Sikat ka day!

  2. Uuuuy!!! Sino yung bagets na katabi mo! Hmmmmm???

  3. ATe Eya! Hi ikaw yan ano? Si Jens yan. Studyante ko sa FERN batch 2007.

  4. Mabuhay ka Maám Nora!