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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Boracay Holiday

Just a week ago, me and my family went to Boracay for a summer holiday! We wanted our big girl Tala to see and experience Boracay again like she did two years ago. My husband and I decided to go in June since it's cheaper (flights and hotels) and it has less people. We were so grateful for the perfect weather and good health. Oh I just love the sun in the morning and afternoon in Boracay, it's not too hot thanks to the cool wind also. Well, here's a run down of what happened in our 4 day stay in paradise. 

Day 1: June 5,  2016

Our flight was at 12:40pm and we were in the NAIA terminal 3 before 10am. Yeah we're really that excited not just to go there but to ride a plane too with our big girl TAM. It's a good thing we brought our stroller so while we were waiting for our flight Tala and I just played and played car racing with it.

Yes! It's time for us to board the plane! Since we will be landing in Caticlan I kinda expected that our plane would be smaller than usual. I was right! My hubby got a little worried and nervous 'cause he's not used to flying in small planes and also we were the only Filipino family on board. But all became well when my hubby saw his beautiful seatmate. She was one hot Latina I tell you! ;-)

It was our plan not to book a hotel for it's cheaper if we just walked in. We first went to La Carmela to check out their rooms and amenities. Let's just say that 8 years ago when we had our faculty outing there it was more inviting but now, it's a no no for me :-( The next hotel we went to is Villa De Oro and it was only 1,200 a night ;-) with breakfast pa! Since we were all tired from the trip we had our siesta first then when we woke up at 5:30pm we had our stroll, Tala had her Mcdo dinner and hubby and I had ours in a fancy restaurant called Christina's. I had lamb chops and hubby had baby back ribs. Yum! Yum!

On our way home, we stumbled upon a mermaid and an angel in front of the peninsula hotel. Tala wanted to have her picture taken with the two enchantresses. Oh she was so happy that night.

Day 2: June 6, 2016

We had breakfast in our hotel then my hubby and Tala played in the soft sand of Boracay. He then  looked for other hotels in stations 1 and 2. Before lunch time he found a cheap but luxurious hotel in station 1. We headed back to our hotel and had lunch before checking in in our new hotel.

The hotel's exterior is fascinating and huge compared to other hotels in station 1. It is also near my favourite restaurants like T.G.I. Fridays and Italiannis. 

Siesta time is important for Tala that's why after lunch from 1pm to 3pm she rested. After waking up, we headed back to the beach where Tala played and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Our dinner was free thanks to Astoria hotel. We enjoyed their wide variety of buffet and also the bar tender's pyro performance with alcohol. It was super fun! After dinner we went to this local bar that we went to 2 years ago.

Day 3: June 7, 2016

Went for our morning swim then had brunch at McDonalds. We decided to go to the activity side of station 1 and have a banana boat ride. We waited for a few minutes to see if there are people who would want to join us. But our waiting game went in vain for no one wants to join the three of us for a banana boat ride. So we just went on our own. Well, it more enjoyable and fun! Thank goodness for camera phones we were able to document our fun filled adventure that day! We had dinner at Gerry’s grill. We super loved their seafood, so fresh and so plenty! Yum! Yum!

Day 4: June 8, 2016

It was the usual routine breakfast then swimming until lunch time. Tala decided to have our hair braided. It was fun and Tala was so excited to see her braided hair. We went back to Christina’s for lunch to try their salmon and pasta dishes.  Tala enjoyed their food especially their chocolate cake. We rested for a while then back to the beach with our big girl Tala. Dinner time at TGI Fridays was pleasant. I enjoyed their special treatment hmmmm.... maybe because of Tala’s charms! We had a gastronomical evening! Yum! Yum! Again!