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Friday, April 22, 2011

On cigarettes, liquors and coffee

I started smoking nine years ago. I’m turning 33 so you do the math. It was easy and relaxing. So, how did I start? I ask permission from my mom if I could join her for smoke and she said yes. I was surprised ‘because I was expecting her to say no and that I wasn’t old enough to start (yeah at 24). I enjoyed smoking! Whenever I feel tense, I smoke. If I’m sad or troubled, I light a cigarette then all is well. It was like magic whenever I smoke. I can think clearly, I can decide quickly and most of all I feel powerful and sexy!

 But why did I quit?
Here are some of the reasons why I quit smoking:
1.     My eating habits got affected. It made me thin then stout. It was a weight destroyer!
2.     I started to hate the smell of my mouth not just my breath.
3.     My teeth became yellowish.
4.     I get sick the next day after I finish 6 to 8 sticks.

When I was in college my mom kind of like gave us a hall pass to see and experience the real world. We were allowed to go to parties with drinking sessions. My first alcoholic drink (to taste) was vodka! It was hot! I thought it burned my throat. And it happened in our ancestral house in Baguio City. Next was tequila. I went to a party (in the neighborhood) where they served tequila only. Everyone in the house need to finish all the tequila and we all took our turns gulping down one shot after the other. At least we were still able to converse and laugh like sober teenagers until the wee hours. The last time I had alcohol in my body was two years ago when my husband and some of our friends went to Baguio after our Ilocos trip. I needed to drink due to the cold weather. But I didn’t need to drink it straight this time. I had myself different sorts of ladies drink. I tried almost everything that night. But my favorite would be vodka sprite with cherries and dry martini with olives and cherries. I always ask the bar tender to put cherries in all my drinks. The bar was warm, the drinks were cold and company of friends and a hubby was the perfect concoction to end that night.

I never thought that I would fall in love with coffee. I’m a tea person by the way. My dad drinks tea everyday. His favorite was Lipton Tea. I started drinking tea without the knowledge of my parents when I was in third grade. My friend Myra encouraged me to drink tea because it’s good for the health. Since then, I always had time for tea. Then different kinds of coffee shops sprung like mushrooms and changed everything! In college I would go to any coffee shop just to drink coffee or have a shot of espresso then leave.  All these changed when my sister Anna introduced me to Starbucks. She taught me to hang out in that place just to enjoy and relax and have an intimate conversation with her. And that’s how I first enjoyed and fell in love with coffee! It is important that I enjoy my coffee without time and worries in my mind. Time does not exist whenever I’m at a coffee shop (especially Starbucks) so I would not worry about anything like work or deadlines! Since then, I always have a cup of coffee  to start my day .
By the way, my sister Anna does not drink coffee.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Early morning blabber! But it's a good one!

Do what is right and good always. Never be judgmental.Smile always. Greet people even if they are not your friends. Learn to respect also the young ones not just the elderly. Think first before making a decision or before you say something. Everywhere you go always assume that  there is someone who knows you and watches your every move. Pray always and wherever you are. Write a simple love note to a loved one or two.Have faith in God. Have faith in yourself.

TO-DO List: April 20, 2011

  1. eat breakfast
  2. do a little cleaning in the house
  3. prepare all the things needed for our Palawan trip next week
  4. prepare lunch for hubbylents
  5. visit all important sites if there's still time
  6. read books and magazines 
  7. watch a dvd/vcd or two
  8. go to the market 
  9. blog and blog again 
Hhhmmm...what to do next?

Vacation Bum! But definitely NOT idle!

I’m on vacation. And what have I done or accomplished the whole time I was here at home? Nothing!!! I can’t seem to focus on the important things that I need to do.
 And what are those again?
Let’s see… there should be a time for reading. I bought more than a dozen books to nurture my brain but, where are these books? It’s all hidden inside the platera. Have I read or finished one? NO!

Then there’s organizing all our stuff and gifts (from the wedding). The problem is I don’t know where to put it! Our place is too small for all our knick knacks when we were single. I really do love to start working on it but I get stuck here in blogger world! All the time!

A facial, a pedicure and manicure. Even a hair cut! I need to find time to do all these before our Palawan trip! I need help! I need someone or something to motivate me!

Any suggestions from my visitors?

I need help!!!

I need help in organizing the pictures on all my blogs. It's all scattered and I can't write the descriptions beside or even below every picture.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

Monday, April 18, 2011

For Ate Hilda

Hello ate Hilda! This post is dedicated to you my good friend!
Do you remember James Leonard Cruz of batch 2006? Well, he was our commencement speaker for this year's graduation! He was great! The president of FEU loved him! we all loved him and his great speech. Hope all is well with you and your loving husband! God bless!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Bakasyon!

It’s April! That’s vacation time for most of our students. But for us teachers, nope not yet! Our vacation would be on April 18th up to the 30th. So what are we doing? All class advisers are trying to finish Form 18 and some teachers are completing their liquidation on the different year end activities. But after all the paper works that we’re doing…It would be vacation time for us! Yippee!!!! I can’t wait to see PALAWAN! I can’t wait to see the summer sun, the beach, people in swimsuits, hats, sun glasses, sunscreens, sun block, beach ball, summer dresses, my family and friends! I just hope the weather would be perfect until the month of May. Yikes!


Graduation Day

April 1, 2011 was NO April Fool’s day! It’s simply because  FEU-FERN DILIMAN celebrated its 11th Commencement Exercises. Seniors, parents and teachers were all dolled up to be part of the said event. The parents were cooperative and the seniors were behave and proud. The program, as Sir Montinola commented was truly P E R F E C T !

 Though there were tears for not all were lucky and fortunate to attend their graduation rites.

Recollection 2011

 Recollection – act or power of recollecting; tranquillity of mind; religious contemplation

      Last March 14, 2011, the senior students of FEU-FERN had their recollection at Angel’s Hills, Tagaytay City. The place was serene and peaceful. I was glad that our students were well behaved, prim and proper. Our recollection facilitators were all graduating college students from PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) majoring in psychology. The seniors enjoyed and appreciated the different activities and workshop that would enhance their relationship with themselves, their peers, their family and most of all to God.

      It’s a little sad because not all senior students were able to attend the recollection like the football players for they’re needed to attend their victory party at FEU Morayta. Sayang! Because most of the players still haven’t seen Tagaytay City.