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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

(Belated) Happy Birthday Tala Amzi Marie

This blog is 25 days late! Sorry my baby!

Our baby girl Tala celebrated her first birthday at Shakey's Ever Commonwealth last April 20, 2013. We decided to throw her a party in advance 'cause my husband and I will be in Pangasinan for our faculty development from April 25 up to the 27th. Tala's birthday is on the 27th.

Tala's party started with her guests singing to her the Happy Birthday Song then on with the games which her little guests enjoyed. After the fun and games, we all had lunch, rested a while then continued with the program which was the Magical Program. The kids and the adults too enjoyed the "tricks" made by the magician. It was funny and fun!

Over all everyone had a blast at Tala Amzi Marie's party (especially the parents)!We're very thankful to all our family and friends who shared their time in celebrating Tala Amzi Marie's first birthday party. She may not remember any of this but my husband and  I believe that first birthdays should be memorable, fun, awesome and beautiful. :-)