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Friday, September 14, 2012

My Wish List (Things I want to have and own come year 2013)

Christmas is here! Though I do not celebrate Christmas I still would like to receive some goodies during the said season.(hehehe) So here is a list of my wants and hopefully I would be able to get it through the generosity of my family, friends and strangers(generous ones).♥hehehe♥

1. iPhone 5 or iPod Touch. Yes I know it's expensive but who knows, right? Somewhere out there someone might land on my blog page (who is very rich and generous) and decides to grant my wish of having an iPhone 5. I want this phone or touch all because of the Instagram. Haay! Just because of that! I am so intrigued with that Instagram that I too want to see ... "pictures taken with Instagram". Well, it's not bad to wish for something BIG and expensive.♥

2. Blackberry Bold 9790. I like to use BB cause it's user friendly and I can email and FB using it. Yeah iPhone has those features too but I just want to take pictures with the iPhone and not use it for call or txt. BB is more professional looking and I like the "porma". It looks more sophisticated compared to other phones that I used to own like Nokia and Samsung.

3. Organizers (Filofax). Yes I'm old school! I need to write all my to-do list in a filefax. I love using the filefax 'cause it makes me look like a "busy" working girl.♥

4. Bags (yes with an "s"). I prefer to use big bags as big as my eye bags...hehehe joke only. Well, kidding aside, I need to own and use big bags to put all my essential "junk" in. I like leather bags and water proof bags. Branded bags I will gladly accept.♥

5. Laptop. This was promised to me by my husband and I'm expecting it by year 2013. I prefer a MacBook or a new HP G42. A laptop is a necessity now for a teacher like me. My husband has one but we cannot share because I have my own files to take care of. Hhhmmm... which is better?

6. A Pentax Q10. I saw in Yahoo that there is a new Pentax digicam and that is Pentax Q10.  I like the way it looks, so old school. What's good about it is you can change its lenses plus it is "like"an SLR. It is better to have a digicam that works like an SLR, right? I sure hope Tal would be able to give this as a birthday gift when I turn 35 next year.

7. Clothes and shoes for my babay Tala Amzi Marie. Whether it's a dress, a pair of pants or shorts, blouses or shirts as long as it fits (her size is 4m-6m) she will wear it in style.

8. Moleskine notebooks. Yes with an "s". I like the big ones for my future big bags. Before I type some of my blogs I write it down on paper first. But I don't just want to use any ordinary paper. It must be Moleskine. I like the notebook without grids so I can also draw freely. I feel pretty and smart whenever I'm using one of my Moleskine notebooks. ♥ I also love the elastic page holder. It helps secure some envelopes and pen or other knick knacks. Whether it's small or big, soft bound or hard bound as long as it's Moleskine ...me likey!♥

9. Breast Pads. Yes I still need breast pads'cause I still breast feed my baby Tala. I prefer the brand Pigeon.

10. Jewelries. I'm into jewelries and other accessories(new or vintage).

Friday, September 7, 2012

Math Fair 2012 ♥

Every year, FEU-FERN DILIMAN celebrates its Founder's month and one of the highlights of the said occasion is the Math Fair. 

This year, our celebration of Math Fair is more fun just like the its theme, Math More Fun @ FEU-FERN. ♥

Since we had an increase in enrollment , we now have additional games made by all our high school students and higher elementary students. All the students enjoyed the games especially the prices. 

Also this year, we invited the third year high school students from FEU Silang, Cavite. We entertained them with song numbers, cheer dance by our PEP Squad and of course the math games. 

I saw the eagerness in them  when they joined the Mathinik contest and surprisingly they WON!

I just hope that every year our Math Fair would grow bigger and better!♥

Tala @ Trinoma ♥

Last September 1, we went to the doctor for Tala's monthly check-up and her last 5 in 1 vaccine shot. Usually, we go home right after the check-up but since Tal and I forgot to claim our baggage in Landmark the day before, we were obligated to return to Trinoma with our Tala.♥
Since we're there, we decided to buy her a play gym and a play mat. As you can see Tala tested the merchandise. 

At the same time, my ate and mom were also there in Trinoma. I loved the reaction of my mom when she saw Tala. Mama was so happy and excited to see her.♥

Hhhhhmmmm....kailan kaya ang susunod na pasyal ni Tala?♥