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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Loving Image, Loving Photography

I just love shooting them all! In color, in black and white and in sepia which is by the way my favorite.
I first fell in love with my dad's Nikon camera when I was four years old. He did not allow us to manipulate his camera but he sure did allow us to take a peek on the eyepiece and press the click button.
I started taking pictures when I was in college using a manual camera. I would photograph my friends and all the places we've been hanging around in the metro. I'm not the kind who goes with the flow when it comes to new things or "uso".
When digicam became an "in thing", my sisters and I  still use the good old manual camera.
I bought my first digicam just last 2008 in Baguio City. I was with my ate Althea when I purchased it for 2000 pesos only. It's an image s30 and it's made in China. Although it's not that high-tech, i truly love my digicam. It's very light weight and the color's purple. By 2009, my image s30 digicam was locked away in a box due to frequent moving and wedding preparations. Last week, I found my beloved camera and boy was I very very happy!
Now I'm starting to take pictures again using my good-old-low-tech digital camera.

No SLR for me right now. All I know is I can take perfect pictures by just using my images30.