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Friday, July 22, 2011

Jaen, Nueva Ecija...back to the basics

Last month my family and I with one family guest went on a road trip going to Jaen, Nueva Ecija to visit tatay and other relatives there. At first I did not want to go because we will be leaving at around 5AM and I have difficulty waking up very early. But when I got in the vehicle I was suddenly motivated to go. Seeing the sunrise and knowing that we will be going on a long joy ride awakened my senses that easily.

Bignay, the miracle fruit

Erin Faith Castro Miranda on a hammock

Mangoes within reach
A simple feast in a simple barrio
Hannah and her birds

Little piggies ♥
Our first stop was tatay's on-going-construction-of-his-house. We were pleased to see more improvements in his house compared to last time we saw it. I took pictures of his house, some bignay, which is a miracle fruit and of course flowers. Next, we went to tatay's younger sister where they served us the best tasting green mangoes (no salt needed). After which we went to our friend's ninong and ninang who happened to live just nearby. We had lunch there and siesta. Again, I took pictures of the farm animals(ducks, pigs and piglets, dogs, cats, chickens and chicks) my nieces, Tal and the rest of the gang had fun there. The children appreciated the simple life in the province of Jaen. The elders loved the sweet, clean air and the richness of the land. Before we went back to tatay's house tita gave us sacks of bigas and lots and lots of green mangoes (yummy).

Black and brown chickens
A simple life ♥

I can't wait to see and visit Jaen again. I hope tatay's house would be finished soon so we can go back there. Back to the basics.

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