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Friday, November 7, 2014

Of Lions and A Hotel

My husband was invited to be a member of the Lions Quezon City Educators Club and last October 26, 2014 was his induction as a new member at the Manila Hotel. I was excited 'cause we get to dress up for the occasion. he wore a barong and I wore my black backless gown given to me by my friend Hilda. Thankful that my mom convinced me to purchase not one but two formal shoes, one silver and the other gold. I wore the silver.

When we arrived at the hotel the worship service was not over yet so we decided to explore the great Manila Hotel. I liked the gym and pool area. Not all hotels whether it is 4 stars or 5 stars have amazing pools. I most especially liked their spacious lobby with free wifi. This was my third visit to Manila Hotel. One when I was in elementary for i was invited to see Santa Clause there. The second one was when we had our JS Prom. I must say this hotel has changed a lot. I mean it has morphed into a good looking Filipina with a modern twist. But more on the "being a Filipino" side.

We were thankful the event went well. The food, the conversations, the laughter and the "selfies" were all priceless. It was one magical night for me and for my hubby.