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Friday, October 29, 2010


My cousin Glenn is a tenor. He invited me, my ate and my husband Tal to attend one of his concerts at The Fort last month. I thought Tal would get bored but lo and behold he loved the concert! My cousin and his friends sang 15 famous opera songs. I was also amazed by my cousin's performance because the last time I saw him perform was in 1980's.And he still got it! The night was perfect and romantic of course. This month he'll be having a solo performance. I hope to be there with my husband and sis again.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

J-S Prom

Promenade is a ceremonious opening of a formal ball consisting of a grand march. It is also a chance for girls and boys to be ladies and gentlemen, princesses and princes.
Every Valentine's day our school would hold a Junior-Senior Prom to celebrate the exchanging of responsibilities between the seniors and the juniors. The seniors would pass over their responsibilities, talents and ideas to the juniors to help them become better students when they reach their senior year.
After the serious part, we all had dinner (YUMMY Crowne Plaza Hotel food!)and we all DANCED! DANCED! DANCED the night away!

The Director, teachers and guest parents had fun watching students try their best to become extra prim & proper and beautiful all the time.
Every year we all do our best to make our J-S Prom a memorable one.

POTIPOT - Little Boracay of the North

Potipot – The little Boracay of Zambales, Philippines

This island is located at Candelaria, Zambales.

The island is very small you can walk around its perimeter in less than an hour. There are no “ins” or hotels in that island not even a sari-sari store but you can rent a bahay kubo if you want to have an overnight stay or you can set up a tent. The best time to go to Potipot is during the low peak season like end of May and June but never on a March, April or first week of May. The island would be too crowded by then. Make sure you bring the following in the island. Water, lots and lots of it. Food, make sure it’s already cooked. SUNBLOCK! As you can see in my pictures the sun really did cook me that day! And most of all bring along your family and friends to make your stay in Potipot extra special.


Ang Potipot ay isang maliit na isla sa may Candelaria, Zambales. Mamamangka ka pa para makarating don. Walang hotel dyan kundi mga kubo lang. Wala ring kuryente kaya konti lang ang nag o overnight. Kung pupunta kayo dito dapat ay may baon na kayong mga pagkain. Kaya nga pinag luto ako ni Tal ng Adobo as you can see--------------->>>

Dito na rin kami nag pa prenup pics para tipid at co-teacher pa namin ang kumuha.

Sa buong magdamag na nasa Potipot kami ay wala akong ginawa kundi magbabad sa araw (kaya NOGNOG na ko) at manghuli ng mga komang.

Ang Potipot ay kilala rin sa pagiging little boracay nya dahil puti ang sand pero di kasing smooth.

Enjoy pumunta kapag weekdays kasi konti lang kayo at solong solo nyo pa ang isla.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

VIGAN before Baguio

Every summer, our school would treat us faculty members for an out of town trip. Two years ago we went to Ilocos. It was a ten hour trip but it was all worth it especially when we tasted the food like empanada, sukang iloco, sea foods (we stayed at a beach resort). The view, the scenery was perfect and to die for. We went to Chavit Singson’s mansion and to kalye Cristobal which is a tourist spot. Before going to this trip we made sure we had enough money to spend for pasalubong for our loved ones.
Hoping for another summerific trip next year!

Party People

These pictures were taken two years ago. This is the only night when the school gave us teachers a night to party, party, party! We had good food, good music and a good laugh. No no to drinking of course! All of us guys and gals dressed up for this once in a blue moon party for teachers.

My Raging Hormones

I’m so fascinated with this book I’m reading now. The title is Raging Hormones by Martha Williamson and Robin Sheets. It is a survival guide to all women who experience PMS just like me! I can relate to some of the facts and figures of the book like getting red eyes from irrational crying ( a simple touching commercial would make me weep), self-inflating breast (they swell and it hurts), credit card ready to charge (aside from being a certified shopaholic) and ACNE breakouts!
The book informs the women suffering from PMS what to do and what not to do and what to eat and what not to eat a few days before their menstrual period.

Here’s are some Do’s and Don’ts in the workplace if you have your PMS:
1. DON’T attempt to negotiate a raise or promotion but DO delegate.
2. DON’T flirt with the CEO in the elevator but DO bring doughnuts for everyone at the office.
3. DON’T take business trips that require connecting flights but DO use accumulated sick days.
4. DON’T ask for a performance evaluation but DO calculate your year-end bonus.

It does not only give information to us women with PMS but also to other people (especially the husbands) so they will have an idea on what we are going through if we have PMS. Also, for others to know what to do if their friends, family members, girlfriends or wives have raging hormones.

My Wish List

My Wish List

Below are things that I want but don’t need. Feel free to choose whatever it is you want to give…DREAM ON AGNES!

1. Blackberry – to check my e-mails, to arrange my schedule and Tal’s as well, most importantly to stay in touch with my networks!

2. Books – I LOVE BOOKS! Even if it takes me months to finish it. Busy me! Busy me! Fashion books are my favorite (Nina Garcia, Irene Beckerman, Coco Channel etc.) Books that would help me understand my students more like Breaking The I.Q. Myth by Henry S. Tenedero. Books that would stimulate my sense of sight like photography books or even a cookbook! Health books that would help me become more sexy and healthy! Let’s not forget about that.

3. A Laptop (APPLE or HP) – A laptop is now a necessity for a teacher like me.

4. Camera (digital of course) – I prefer a Nikon L21 or L22. No DSLR for me. Just give that to Tal! I would rather take perfect pictures using an ordinary digicam.

5. Cell phones – Yup with an S. As in cellphonessssssss! I’m so much in love with this cell phone with Swarovzki gems (my phone). Another favorite is Samsung Corby or Champ as long as it has WiFi.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baguio after Vigan

After our Vigan trip, I invited

my friends to join Talento

and me to go to Baguio City.

We went to Mines View

Park, SM, Teacher's Camp,

Legarda and of course the very sikat Session

Every night we always hang out at our now

favorite bar Rumours. I just love to drink margarita,

vodka with sprite, wet & dry martinis especially

when the weather is berry berry cold! Masarap

silang pampainit!!! I enjoyed every minute spent in

Baguio...syempre nandoon kasi si baby Talento