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Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Wish List

My Wish List

Below are things that I want but don’t need. Feel free to choose whatever it is you want to give…DREAM ON AGNES!

1. Blackberry – to check my e-mails, to arrange my schedule and Tal’s as well, most importantly to stay in touch with my networks!

2. Books – I LOVE BOOKS! Even if it takes me months to finish it. Busy me! Busy me! Fashion books are my favorite (Nina Garcia, Irene Beckerman, Coco Channel etc.) Books that would help me understand my students more like Breaking The I.Q. Myth by Henry S. Tenedero. Books that would stimulate my sense of sight like photography books or even a cookbook! Health books that would help me become more sexy and healthy! Let’s not forget about that.

3. A Laptop (APPLE or HP) – A laptop is now a necessity for a teacher like me.

4. Camera (digital of course) – I prefer a Nikon L21 or L22. No DSLR for me. Just give that to Tal! I would rather take perfect pictures using an ordinary digicam.

5. Cell phones – Yup with an S. As in cellphonessssssss! I’m so much in love with this cell phone with Swarovzki gems (my phone). Another favorite is Samsung Corby or Champ as long as it has WiFi.

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