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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

J-S Prom

Promenade is a ceremonious opening of a formal ball consisting of a grand march. It is also a chance for girls and boys to be ladies and gentlemen, princesses and princes.
Every Valentine's day our school would hold a Junior-Senior Prom to celebrate the exchanging of responsibilities between the seniors and the juniors. The seniors would pass over their responsibilities, talents and ideas to the juniors to help them become better students when they reach their senior year.
After the serious part, we all had dinner (YUMMY Crowne Plaza Hotel food!)and we all DANCED! DANCED! DANCED the night away!

The Director, teachers and guest parents had fun watching students try their best to become extra prim & proper and beautiful all the time.
Every year we all do our best to make our J-S Prom a memorable one.

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