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Monday, September 21, 2015

i heart todd english

At loooong last! My Saturdate with my ate Eya pushed through! We've been planning this date for months now and thank goodness for good weather and light traffic my sister and I enjoyed every minute spent together. 

We had our date in Taguig. To be specific, in SM Aura. I wanted to see the place and compare it to other SM malls. Well, all SM malls are the same  - that's it! What made it special is their food hall.

We had lunch at  Food Hall by Todd English.

We first checked out the menu and then compared it to other restaurants and to my surprise Todd English was not pricey  plus the ambiance was perfect 5 for me and my ate. 

watermelon juice
spinach salad
My sister ordered their spinach salad and tempura roll and I had their pan seared salmon in miso and we both had watermelon juice (cause it's our ate Anna's favorite drink and we miss her so much). 

mi paborito - SALMON!

Let's not forget my favorite appetizers, salmon and tuna sashimi. 
salmon sashimi

tuna sashimi

After our gastronomical adventure in Todd English, we went window shopping and I bought a few beauty loot that I'll be needing this December for Tristan and Salve's wedding. Then we dropped by Market Market and bought pasalubong for my baby Tala :-)

I super enjoyed my Saturdate with my ate Eya! We really had a Super Fun Date! I love you my ate Eya and I hope this will be a monthly routine for us and maybe next time with mama and ate Anna. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Throwback :-)

Can't wait for Thursday to post a throwback most especially if the one involved is one of your husband's best buddies. Meet Anthony! He is also my husband's best friend in high school. I met him before Tal and I got married in 2010 then visited us when I was about to give birth to our baby Tala. I already blogged about him and his cute wife Bessie before (just look for it na lang, hihihi). Well, here's a throwback picture of boss Anto and his wife with Tal when they visited us in school.

Bessie, boss Anto and Tal

boss Anto and Tal

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I was supposed to be one of her bridesmaids in her June Boracay Wedding but due to religious differences, I declined the invitation. My friend then decided for me to be the host on her wedding reception instead. That I gladly accepted!

I filed for my leave mid year 2014 so I would be able to prepare for the Boracay Wedding of the Decade. The plan was running smoothly all along. But then, our opening of classes was changed from June 1 to June 8 and the wedding of my dear friend was on the 10th. I would be able to push through with my plans if classes would start on the 1st of June but on the 8th, it's a different situation!

I text my friend informing her that I will not be attending her beautiful wedding in Asya Premier, Boracay. Oh my golly! After informing her that I felt sick to my stomach! Literally! For more than a week! I felt guilty! I added her stress knowing that it's very difficult and challenging to get married in Boracay especially for someone who lives in the states and with foreign visitors to entertain pa!

Anyways, I promised when she gets back from her honeymoon in Batanes I would treat her to dinner. WOW! As if that would make up for all the trouble I put her through. But my friend is a good person and has a kind heart.  We did meet up with some of our high school friends after her honeymoon at Cerchio and Chili's.

It was a FUN FILLED Thursday night! Hoping that it wont be the last.

At Cerchio

At Chili's

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day Dear DaddyLents

Happy Father's Day daddyLents! 

You are God's perfect gift to me and Tala.

God has given you great talents and He 

knows you're 

using all these talents for His glory. May God 

continue to bless you with good health and a 

prosperous life. ❤️

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Happy Mother's Day Mama

My sisters and I celebrated mother's day  and my birthday last May 16, 2015 (better late than never right) at SM Megamall. We were supposed to have lunch at Ippudo but my ate decided we have it at Pho Hoa. She does not want my mom to eat oily food and since pho hoa serves non oily foodand they serve more vegies, we decided to give it a go. 

While having lunch, we gave our special gift to our dearest mama which she loved so much. It's a gift package from TBS. She will now be smelling like flowers for a long time after using it. 

I really enjoy our once in a blue moon get together cause it gives us a chance to miss each other very much. 

After lunch, i bought myself a pair of crocs color gold and bronze which i took advantage of the 10% discount. Lucky me!

Megamall is a very huge mall (hence the name) an all that walking made us hungry again. My mom saw Dolcelatte and wanted to try it. We all enjoyed the desserts, too bad we were not able to order their bestseller, the pavlova. 

I was so sad cause i needed to go at 4pm for i still have church duties that day. I prayed to God to always keep my mom and sisters safe from harm. I am looking forward to another reunion and get together even if its just once in a blue moon.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dazed and Confused and Sad

my decision not to fight dazed me for a few days, causing me to be a little unfocused and disoriented. it's like something big hit my head and now i'm confused. am i really making good decisions here? or at least making the right ones? these mixed emotions now make me sad. to the point of giving up.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Laput FamBam

Our faculty R&R in Caramoan last April 19 got cancelled a few days before our scheduled trip. It was not really a total loss for me ‘cause that’s the same date my balikbayan cousin would treat us to a swimming party in Pansol, Laguna.
Just a few of the Laput FamBam

We statyed in a private house with 2 pools, one for adults and one for kids. It also has a bahay kubo, 4 air-conditioned bedrooms with bath, a kitchen with grill, 2 toilets, a shower room and of course a karaoke.
Mi Familia

The Laput FamBam is never a boring crowd. Everybody enjoyed kuya Biboy’s grilled tilapia, bangus and liempo with ensaladang talong. My sisters and my hubbylents had fun mingling with my cousins Michael and Philip. I enjoyed the kwentuhan with my female mommy cousins who shared tips on how to be the best mommy and wife to my Tala and Tal.  We laughed, shared a little bit of tsismis and bonded the whole day.
Tala with kuya Terence

Well, as you can see in the pictures. My big girl Tala had so much fun that day especially in the pool with her cousins. She is mesmerized by her cousin Terence, who is good in swimming and doing the cannon ball. 
A&N's  Tres Marias

I am so thankful to God for the time He has given us to spend time with our family and relatives. So grateful for the kindness and help my cousin Jay and his wife Christine had bestowed on me especially to my baby Tala and my hubbyLents. I’m hoping for our family to have more FamBAm outings to come.

Nanay's 80th & Tatay's 78th

Last May 1st, we celebrated nanay’s 80th birthday and tatay’s 78th birthday at Jaen, Nueva Ecija. Nanay’s birthday was last April 30th and tatay’s birthday was last May 6th but we decided to celebrate it during Labor Day.

We bought cake from Cake 2 Go, tatay cooked sinigang na salmon and ate Eden prepared pancit and tinola. Nanay and tatay were so delighted to see us especially their bunsong apo, Tala.

Our family is very grateful all the blessings nanay and tatay have received. We are also joyful for the fruitful years God has given to our nanay and tatay.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Back to Paradise

Zambales, one of the richest places here in the Philippines. Rich in people, culture, agri products and of course the beaches. Though they have black sand beaches, its texture is soft and soothing. We stayed in our friends resort there and it is the best resort in Zambales since some celebrities would come there for their R&R.

Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

getting sun-kissed

my hubbylents cooling down

mr. & mrs. castro

getting sun kissed again

one perfect sunset

the boys

beach selfie

kids at play

new found friends

sun kissed selfie

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Aftermath

To see a burning house a few meters away from your home is scary. This is one experience I will never forget.

It happened one Tuesday night, April 7, 2015

My baby Tala and I went down to prepare her milk because it was ten minutes to nine. At that time I saw no burning flames yet.When we went back upstairs to our room that's when I saw  the reflection of the flames from the window of our neighbor four houses away. I yelled to my husband and he immediately went up and  we both shouted "SUNOG!" "SUNOG!"  My baby Tala started saying Oh my God! Oh my God! and "mommy karga!"

Our neighbor's house was already burning! My adrenaline did not work because I remained calm.

I grabbed my knapsack with all the important documents in it and carried Tala. Before leaving our room, I searched for other things to bring. I also grabbed my bags with essentials in it. We went straight to our ninang's house which was four houses away. After I handed my baby Tala to her I went back to our house to help get some more stuffs to save. If I'm not mistaken I went back and forth from our house to my ninang's house four times. Before nine thirty, there were fire trucks in front of our house .We let the firemen in so they can kill the fire from our third floor.  It's a good thing our house is higher than the burning house that's why the firemen had a good and strategic position in killing the fire. The fire fully subsided at around ten thirty in the evening. The firemen stayed to check and double check the burned house and our house.

I thank God for sparing our home from the fire. I am also thankful for the SCAN members of our church who stayed and helped me, my husband, my sister-in-law and her two dalagitas in carrying our things out of our house.

We did not bring out everything since the fire was gone. My husband slept in our house, my sister-in-law in theirs while me and Tala slept in our ninang Josie's house.

The next day my baby Tala and I had breakfast then back to our "normal" lives. When we returned home I saw our friend Ka Jovie cleaning our house. I thank God for she as able to restore our home. She told me it was muddy and some of our clothes were on the floor.

For me the hardest part was putting back all the things in its proper place. It took me hours to think whether or not I'm going to return the things or keep it packed, you know, in case of another emergency. It took hours again for me to organize all our things. In the end, I decided to be prepared. I have packed things that is now under our sofa bed. All our important stuffs are there. I needed to do this for me to feel safe and a little relaxed. Until now I still feel a little sick to my stomach. To face also my fear and anxiety, I went to see the burned house of our neighbor. I felt angry and "inis" because the "victims" used  illegal connection for their electricity consumption. The incident never should have happened if they lived an honest life.

Every day I visit the "site" for me to overcome my mixed and still confused emotions.
Here now is the aftermath.

The aftermath of what happened to our neighbors two nights ago. I am so thankful ☺️and blessed ☺️that God spared our home from the fire. Let this be a lesson to those with illegal connections or jumpers. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

for the romantics

My husband surprised me with a dinner date on a school night. Casa Renato is the name of the restaurant near our school and home. I fell in love with the place 'cause its not too big and its very cozy and homey. I feel more comfortable in restaurants that have the im-like-at-home ambiance. The food is not pricey but the quality is great same with the quantity.

Friday, January 16, 2015

the newest and coolest resto in the village

It was the first day of exams for the third quarter and my husband and I would like a new and refreshing place to have our lunch. I suggested we have it at this new restaurant in Don Antonio called Verena's Cafe. 

The first time I saw the place I feel in love with it. I was so happy there's a place near our workplace that serve's good Filipino dishes.

We ordered their calderetang kambing and crab rice. Sorry there are no pictures of the food 'cause the first thing we did after they served it was to pray then eat!

Their fresh juices are refreshing and plenty. I love going back to this place. It's homey and the prices are just right. 

photo grabbed from their facebook page