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Monday, September 21, 2015

i heart todd english

At loooong last! My Saturdate with my ate Eya pushed through! We've been planning this date for months now and thank goodness for good weather and light traffic my sister and I enjoyed every minute spent together. 

We had our date in Taguig. To be specific, in SM Aura. I wanted to see the place and compare it to other SM malls. Well, all SM malls are the same  - that's it! What made it special is their food hall.

We had lunch at  Food Hall by Todd English.

We first checked out the menu and then compared it to other restaurants and to my surprise Todd English was not pricey  plus the ambiance was perfect 5 for me and my ate. 

watermelon juice
spinach salad
My sister ordered their spinach salad and tempura roll and I had their pan seared salmon in miso and we both had watermelon juice (cause it's our ate Anna's favorite drink and we miss her so much). 

mi paborito - SALMON!

Let's not forget my favorite appetizers, salmon and tuna sashimi. 
salmon sashimi

tuna sashimi

After our gastronomical adventure in Todd English, we went window shopping and I bought a few beauty loot that I'll be needing this December for Tristan and Salve's wedding. Then we dropped by Market Market and bought pasalubong for my baby Tala :-)

I super enjoyed my Saturdate with my ate Eya! We really had a Super Fun Date! I love you my ate Eya and I hope this will be a monthly routine for us and maybe next time with mama and ate Anna. 

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