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Monday, June 20, 2011

A Perfect School Year

It's been a week since school started and I'm  proud to say that all went well. The students were all disciplined and courteous. The teachers were all up and about to start the school year right and perfect! The new canteen is serving nutritious food and our clinic is newly renovated with a new dentist chair. I just hope that things would continue to move smoothly and perfectly until March. Thank you God for the gift of knowledge and wisdom to share to our students this school year 2011-2012.♥

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Missing you Daddy ♥

Instead of celebrating father's day, we had another celebration of mother's day. My mom was so happy to see her "tres marias" together again at last after all these months of not seeing each other due to our busy work schedules. Since my dad passed away eight years ago, my mom became both our father and mother. My sisters and I are very proud of our mom for being strong for the family after all these years. 

I miss my dad and God knows I love him very much.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PALAWAN EducaTour (Part Four) Rizal Perk

 After filling our bellies with good food at KaLui's, we went straight to a local bar called Rizal Perk. The mother of the owner, who is a friend of ours recommended it to us. The only music played in that bar is music from The Beatles. We went there early so we have to wait 'til 11PM for the band to play. Well, I only stayed for an hour 'cause the black russian I had made me sleepy so I ask 2 of my co-teachers to accompany me back to our pension house. The rest waited for the band to play and enjoyed their free flowing beers compliments of the owner. WOW! That's what I call the real happy hour!

Hhhmmmm... Guess where the owner got the idea for the bar's name?♥

PALAWAN EducaTour (Part Three) KaLui

Our last night in Palawan was gastronomical!♥ We had dinner in Palawan's most famous and unique restaurant, KaLui. Many locals told us that you haven't been to Palawan if you haven't experienced the one of a kind KaLui. All the food they serve are fresh, healthy, light and sooooo gooood!♥ What's different about that place is that you get to eat barefooted. Isn't that cool!♥

After our dinner we went to a local bar called Rizal Perk. But that's another story. 'Til next time! Ciao!♥