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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Back to Paradise

Zambales, one of the richest places here in the Philippines. Rich in people, culture, agri products and of course the beaches. Though they have black sand beaches, its texture is soft and soothing. We stayed in our friends resort there and it is the best resort in Zambales since some celebrities would come there for their R&R.

Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

getting sun-kissed

my hubbylents cooling down

mr. & mrs. castro

getting sun kissed again

one perfect sunset

the boys

beach selfie

kids at play

new found friends

sun kissed selfie

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Aftermath

To see a burning house a few meters away from your home is scary. This is one experience I will never forget.

It happened one Tuesday night, April 7, 2015

My baby Tala and I went down to prepare her milk because it was ten minutes to nine. At that time I saw no burning flames yet.When we went back upstairs to our room that's when I saw  the reflection of the flames from the window of our neighbor four houses away. I yelled to my husband and he immediately went up and  we both shouted "SUNOG!" "SUNOG!"  My baby Tala started saying Oh my God! Oh my God! and "mommy karga!"

Our neighbor's house was already burning! My adrenaline did not work because I remained calm.

I grabbed my knapsack with all the important documents in it and carried Tala. Before leaving our room, I searched for other things to bring. I also grabbed my bags with essentials in it. We went straight to our ninang's house which was four houses away. After I handed my baby Tala to her I went back to our house to help get some more stuffs to save. If I'm not mistaken I went back and forth from our house to my ninang's house four times. Before nine thirty, there were fire trucks in front of our house .We let the firemen in so they can kill the fire from our third floor.  It's a good thing our house is higher than the burning house that's why the firemen had a good and strategic position in killing the fire. The fire fully subsided at around ten thirty in the evening. The firemen stayed to check and double check the burned house and our house.

I thank God for sparing our home from the fire. I am also thankful for the SCAN members of our church who stayed and helped me, my husband, my sister-in-law and her two dalagitas in carrying our things out of our house.

We did not bring out everything since the fire was gone. My husband slept in our house, my sister-in-law in theirs while me and Tala slept in our ninang Josie's house.

The next day my baby Tala and I had breakfast then back to our "normal" lives. When we returned home I saw our friend Ka Jovie cleaning our house. I thank God for she as able to restore our home. She told me it was muddy and some of our clothes were on the floor.

For me the hardest part was putting back all the things in its proper place. It took me hours to think whether or not I'm going to return the things or keep it packed, you know, in case of another emergency. It took hours again for me to organize all our things. In the end, I decided to be prepared. I have packed things that is now under our sofa bed. All our important stuffs are there. I needed to do this for me to feel safe and a little relaxed. Until now I still feel a little sick to my stomach. To face also my fear and anxiety, I went to see the burned house of our neighbor. I felt angry and "inis" because the "victims" used  illegal connection for their electricity consumption. The incident never should have happened if they lived an honest life.

Every day I visit the "site" for me to overcome my mixed and still confused emotions.
Here now is the aftermath.

The aftermath of what happened to our neighbors two nights ago. I am so thankful ☺️and blessed ☺️that God spared our home from the fire. Let this be a lesson to those with illegal connections or jumpers.