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Saturday, January 18, 2014


#STENT- a metal or plastic tube that is put in a blood vessel to keep it open. Well in my case it was placed in my urethra after my doctor removed two small stones last Jan.2 it has been inside me for nineteen days. Doc just removed it this evening. It was a successful procedure which only took less than thirty minutes. After that I went home.😉

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mary Grace

I miss this place. This is the best Mary Grace I've ever been. The ambiance is just perfect especially the lights and they even have a spacious reading nook. Cool! Oh Southmall is so far from Quezon City. I just wish I could go back there with my Tala and hubbyLents. 

Tala @ Las Piñas with lola Nymia

Last December 24, Tala, Tal and I visited her lola Nymia in Las Piñas with cousin Hannah. She spent the whole afternoon in SM Southmall window shopping and playing in recreational centers there but her favorite play station is the merry go round. Tala rode it not twice, not thrice but four times! She also played with her daddy in Snoopy's dog house before we had our family dinner at Mary Grace. I thank God for precious moments like these. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year New Challenges

The start of the new year wasn't really a happy and joyful one for us. My nanay broke her hip last Jan 2 and needed to be operated at once. I myself felt pain on my lower left side (kidney area) that same day and was also rushed to the hospital. The doctors CT scanned me and saw one small stone in my urinary bladder. I needed to be operated by shockwave or by a video assisted cystoscopy, Eco, ureteroscopy, stone basket extraction with DJ stenting. I chose the latter because I know that the stone would be removed 100 percent. I was scheduled on the 4th and surprisingly my nanay was also scheduled on that same date. Funny thing is our time of operation was also the same, 1PM. Nanay and I may be in pain physically and emotionally but we both know God our Father is and will always be with us to guide and give us strength this new year 2014.

Golden Years of nanay and tatay

Happy 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary to my nanay and tatay! We love you very much!

Here are other captured moments from the golden wedding 😍