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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year New Challenges

The start of the new year wasn't really a happy and joyful one for us. My nanay broke her hip last Jan 2 and needed to be operated at once. I myself felt pain on my lower left side (kidney area) that same day and was also rushed to the hospital. The doctors CT scanned me and saw one small stone in my urinary bladder. I needed to be operated by shockwave or by a video assisted cystoscopy, Eco, ureteroscopy, stone basket extraction with DJ stenting. I chose the latter because I know that the stone would be removed 100 percent. I was scheduled on the 4th and surprisingly my nanay was also scheduled on that same date. Funny thing is our time of operation was also the same, 1PM. Nanay and I may be in pain physically and emotionally but we both know God our Father is and will always be with us to guide and give us strength this new year 2014.

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