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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I was supposed to be one of her bridesmaids in her June Boracay Wedding but due to religious differences, I declined the invitation. My friend then decided for me to be the host on her wedding reception instead. That I gladly accepted!

I filed for my leave mid year 2014 so I would be able to prepare for the Boracay Wedding of the Decade. The plan was running smoothly all along. But then, our opening of classes was changed from June 1 to June 8 and the wedding of my dear friend was on the 10th. I would be able to push through with my plans if classes would start on the 1st of June but on the 8th, it's a different situation!

I text my friend informing her that I will not be attending her beautiful wedding in Asya Premier, Boracay. Oh my golly! After informing her that I felt sick to my stomach! Literally! For more than a week! I felt guilty! I added her stress knowing that it's very difficult and challenging to get married in Boracay especially for someone who lives in the states and with foreign visitors to entertain pa!

Anyways, I promised when she gets back from her honeymoon in Batanes I would treat her to dinner. WOW! As if that would make up for all the trouble I put her through. But my friend is a good person and has a kind heart.  We did meet up with some of our high school friends after her honeymoon at Cerchio and Chili's.

It was a FUN FILLED Thursday night! Hoping that it wont be the last.

At Cerchio

At Chili's

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