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Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Raging Hormones

I’m so fascinated with this book I’m reading now. The title is Raging Hormones by Martha Williamson and Robin Sheets. It is a survival guide to all women who experience PMS just like me! I can relate to some of the facts and figures of the book like getting red eyes from irrational crying ( a simple touching commercial would make me weep), self-inflating breast (they swell and it hurts), credit card ready to charge (aside from being a certified shopaholic) and ACNE breakouts!
The book informs the women suffering from PMS what to do and what not to do and what to eat and what not to eat a few days before their menstrual period.

Here’s are some Do’s and Don’ts in the workplace if you have your PMS:
1. DON’T attempt to negotiate a raise or promotion but DO delegate.
2. DON’T flirt with the CEO in the elevator but DO bring doughnuts for everyone at the office.
3. DON’T take business trips that require connecting flights but DO use accumulated sick days.
4. DON’T ask for a performance evaluation but DO calculate your year-end bonus.

It does not only give information to us women with PMS but also to other people (especially the husbands) so they will have an idea on what we are going through if we have PMS. Also, for others to know what to do if their friends, family members, girlfriends or wives have raging hormones.

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