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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The Top Ten FAILURES Of All Time
(Got this from God’s Little Lessons for TEENS)

  1. The engineer who neglected to design a reverse gear in the first car he manufactured.
  2. The group turned down by Decca Records because “guitars are on their way out.”
  3. The illustrator told by his newspaper editor to pursue another line of work.
  4. The skinny kid who hated the way he looked and was always being beaten up by bullies.
  5. The seriously ill, deeply in debt composer who in desperation wrote an oratorio in a few hours.
  6. The obese, bald, deformed eccentric became a reclusive thinker.
  7. The orchestra conductor-composer who made his greatest contributions after becoming deaf.
  8. The politician who lost his first seven elections.
  9. The boy everyone thought was mute because his stutter was so bad he never spoke until he was a teenager.
  10. The woman born deaf and blind who became a great writer and philanthropist and once said, “I thank GOD for my handicaps.”

The next time anyone under estimates himself or calls himself a failure, remember that our greatest failures can produce our greatest success.

Care to guess who the following people are? 

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