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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Celebration! Celebration! T.L.E. Day and Linngo Ng Wika @ FEU-FERN DILIMAN

Ang masayang pagtatanghal at pagdiriwang ng Linggoo Ng wika at T.L.E. Day

Last July 27-29, FEU-FERN celebrated nutrition month and linggo ng wika. Although the students did not have enough time to prepare for the different contests, they still pulled off a perfect presentation. The FERNians enjoyed the different contests like the doll making, fruit decorating, bag making and the dance contest. The elementary students were full of life and totally had fun in their performance. The high school students, even though some did not win, were very enthusiastic in delivering their dance. I hope next year, our T.L.E. Day and Linggo Ng Wika would still be a big hit!♥

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