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Saturday, August 20, 2011


This blog is one year late but I guess it's better late than never.
Last July 9, 2010 Tal and I tied the knot and a parent friend of ours lend us their vacation house in Naguillan, Benguet. We chose August instead of July since we were in Bohol that month. I was so excited to go back home to the north again. well, as you can see in our pictures...BIG SMILEYS!
The place we stayed at was like a village of condominiums and there were only 7 of us reciding in the area at that time. No wonder it tends to be "horror-like" during the night .
The fog you see in Baguio City starts in Naguillan and boy are those fogs fast...as in fast and thick you won't be able to see anything after a few seconds..as in ZERO visibility!
Tal and I had fun chasing and feeling the freezing fog which can make you sick if you don't wear warm clothing.
It took us 15 to 20 minutes or Php 120 taxi ride to go to Baguio City coming from Naguillan. That is if the driver is super fast or else we would be traveling for 30 minutes but it hardly happens because there ain't any heavy traffic in that area.
We visited The Mansion and Benguet State University where they manufacture the best jams, second to good shepered's of course. We also went to Baguio University just to check it out. Tal and I enjoyed exploring Baguio again and Naguillan.
We were very grateful and thankful for our parent friend for the wonderful gift they have given us for our honeymoon. And all this happened a year ago.

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