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Friday, September 7, 2012

Math Fair 2012 ♥

Every year, FEU-FERN DILIMAN celebrates its Founder's month and one of the highlights of the said occasion is the Math Fair. 

This year, our celebration of Math Fair is more fun just like the its theme, Math More Fun @ FEU-FERN. ♥

Since we had an increase in enrollment , we now have additional games made by all our high school students and higher elementary students. All the students enjoyed the games especially the prices. 

Also this year, we invited the third year high school students from FEU Silang, Cavite. We entertained them with song numbers, cheer dance by our PEP Squad and of course the math games. 

I saw the eagerness in them  when they joined the Mathinik contest and surprisingly they WON!

I just hope that every year our Math Fair would grow bigger and better!♥

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