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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


University of the Philippines Los Ba�os
A few years ago Talento dragged me to UPLB. I got so scared because I was not able to ask permission from my mom and it was also my birthday. He showed me the very famous fertility tree, introduced me to his college buddies and gave me a tour to his favorite spots inside the campus. Although I was already fascinated and overwhelmed with the sights, views and people that I see, my heart was still pounding hard and fast for I still did not inform my mom where I was during my birthday. I remembered one of Tal's brad saying to me not to worry and just enjoy my stay in UPLB while I'm still there and worry if I'm already back in Q.C. Ngek! Well, he's right! Might as well have fun, enjoy their company and celebrate my birthday while in UPLB! Have fun now...worry later! Anyways it's not that my mom would still spank me when I get home...harharhar!

A few more years later, we returned to our beloved UPLB! This time we took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. It's not just the camera that we brought but friends too. We had fun and explored the different places we haven't seen yet.

Right now, I am hoping that one of these days Talento would drag me again to UPLB just for the heck and thrill of it!

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