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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Movie Marathon, Shopping and Me

November 2010 is my favorite month! No classes every Monday! I can splurge on sleep, food and movie! Now, what to watch?! What to watch!?

We have the sexy and mind-boggling Wicker Park(both English and French versions but I prefer the French), the funny and romantic A Lot Like Love( I love ashton and amanda in this movie),the dark and enchanting Pan's Labyrinth in Spanish ( I still believe in fairies), the hilarious and sex-driven Eurotrip (Scotty doesn't know) and a lot more! Well, that if I still have the time.

What to do on a long weekend?
GO SHOPPING! I love to shop for books! Books make me happy and smart! Or should I say books make me happier and smarter! That's better! After my shopping I like to hang out in one of my favorite places...STARBUCKS! I enjoy reading my books in that cozy but crowded cafe. I am also after the new planner as a gift for my mom.

I want to be home before the sun goes down. It's very romantic (even if I'm alone).
By night time, I would have prepared a healthy and hearty meal for my hubbylents.

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