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Monday, November 28, 2011

Family bonding @ AYALA, Makati City

Last November 26 my family and I went to Ayala, Makati to see the "caroling christmas lights" at the Ayala Tringle. It was all my ate Anna's idea for us to go there. First, we went to National Bookstore just to stroll then mom bought new sandals at Celine. Since it was too early for the "christmas light show", we decided to have dinner at Outback since Anna is craving for some ribs. No heavy meat for me so I decided to have their soup of the day and salad. We enjoyed the feast very much that my tummy became so heavy and bloated. After dinner we went straight to the Ayala Triangle. There were lots of people there but not crowded. We all enjoyed the fascinating lights and the dessert we were having while watching.  

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  1. i hope we can do this every month. i miss my family!