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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

As a teacher...

I've been teaching high school science for eight years now. Every year I find new ways on how to make my seniors interested in Physics. Like using everyday materials that you see in your home and not so much of the old school laboratory equipment. I noticed that using ordinary or “common” household materials gets them more excited during our Physics activities. One of the materials that excites them is the raw egg. We use raw egg in experiments like law of inertia and impulse. Trying to catch , grab or save the egg without a scratch or crack is an accomplishment for them. Another is the clothes hanger and a coin to show centripetal force. The seniors were dumbfounded when they saw the hanger whirling while the coin is at the tip of the hook of the hanger. COOL! That was their initial reaction to what they saw and experience. Physics for me and to my seniors is not just tests, computations and lab work but it is also playtime with learning.

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