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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Date with HONEYLents and Ate Althea

Yesterday, December 26 my sister Eya and Tal wanted me to get out of the house and go anywhere I please. I first wanted to go to UPLB or Tagaytay or even Baguio City but it's too risky for me to travel now that I'm 5 months pregnant. So I decided to to see Shangri-La Plaza mall. I thought that mall would still be very "sosyal" but it has changed a little bit...just a little bit only! Majority of the mall rats there are coño and just a few average ones. Since we arrived there lunch time, I chose to eat at Cravings. Their chef's salad was perfect and satisfying especially the dressing! Althea enjoyed her pasta and Tal (not yet hungry at that time) just ordered coffee. We took pictures (well, just a few) using my low-tech image camera while wating for our orders. After lunch, Tal stayed at Power Books to read while Althea and I went to Rustan's Department store. Obviously we visited our favorite section there, the beauty products galore area! I made a list of all the products that I will definitely be needing after I give birth (that if my OB-GYNE would approve) like Shu Uemura cleansing oil green tea, mascara ( still looking for the best brand) and  Clarin's Anti-cellulite serum (just in case). Well, there's one item that I'll be needing after 3 months and that is anti- stretch marks lotion (still need to find the best product in the market - suggestions anyone?)
All the walking and window shopping made my eyes and legs hurt. The only thing that would help  fuel-up my body again is a big slice of double chocolate cake at TCB...YUMMY!!! The delightful treat made me happy and ready to go home. Thank you my HoneyLENTS and ate Eya for encouraging me to to go out. Hopfully next month again!♥

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  1. Next time, let us go try eating lots of steak!!!