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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Special Delivery

April 26, 2012-April 27, 2012

This is it! I'm going to give birth! 
Those were the words that kept me awake.

4-26-12, 10AM 

Talent, Hannah and I went to Capitol Medical Center to see Dr. Quiambao. She told us to come by to check if I'm ready to give birth (I did not feel any contractions). She wanted to deliver our baby before she leaves for the states. Doc checked my cervix and it was still 2 cm (it has been that way for one week) so she recommended us to take a walk first at the mall and just come back at 5PM for the big event ♥. So we head off to Trinoma, had lunch, walked, had merienda and walked again. Then at 4:30PM we returned to CMC.
Doc was already at the delivery room all preped up.

My co-teachers and mommy friends told me what to expect during "labor day" that's why I was confident and excited to give birth, not knowing what's in store for me.

Doc checked my cervix again and it was still 2cm. So the nurses and doctors prepared me, cleaned me and then induced me at 6PM. From 6PM to 11PM they monitored my contractions before giving the epidural (anesthesia). They again monitored my contractions and come 2am, April 27, 2012 Doc told me to practice my "push" (as in "ire" in tagalog). With the epidural in me at that time, it was so difficult for me to push "cause I can't feel anything! From 2AM to past 3AM I was having difficulty pushing my baby out. Before 4AM, they moved me to the delivery room. We've been pushing and pushing for 2 hours so Doc asked  help from my anesthesiologist in pushing my baby out. I told myself I must give birth before 7AM. After 2 pushes my baby came out at 6:48 AM. I just heard Doc say, "Agnes ang laki ng baby mo!" After a few seconds I saw my baby on my chest looking up to me. I wanted to cry but I was too overwhelmed .

I enjoyed the bonding time with my baby. Especially when our eyes locked...oh it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!♥

Welcome baby Tala Amzi Marie F. Castro♥

At 8AM they returned me to my room. Only Hannah was there. I think Tal and ate Eden was waiting for Tala in the nursery.

After lunch, I was surrounded by visitors. My mama, tita Mimie, ate Eya, ate Tina, my best friend Honey, my FERN friends (Nora, Mhe Ann, Fiorelle, Romel and Karen). Thank you family and friends for your company.

I was filled with JOY that day! It was a very special day for it was not only Tala's birthday but it was also my mom and dad's wedding anniversary ♥.

The next day 2 of my students visited me and Tala. Thank you Jambrin and Gerald.♥ That night tito Mark Anthony Fernandez came by for a visit too.♥ Thank you doc Mark (for the Jollibee too)♥

April 29, 2012

It was time to bring Tala home. But before that, Dr. Panllilio (Tala's Pediatrician) checked Tala and was proud to announced that our small wonder was showing signs of maturity. Wow! Impressive!

Kuya David (ate Eden's friend) was the one who drove us home. Ate Erin and ate Hannah made a welcome home banner for Tala. Thanks guys♥

For the first two weeks , we made sure that our little angel was super comfortable in our room that's why the air conditioner was on 24/7. On the third week, we let natural air cool us.

For the first two weeks also, I was not able to take care of my baby Tala during night time. I was thankful for my ate Eden was the one who looked after our Tala.

On the third week, I was feeling fine but still my hormones was not normal and very chaotic. I also noticed that my body was changing. I'm beginning to lose weight and my tummy was getting flat.

After one month, I was ready to face the world and work again. The sad part is that I only get to see my baby Tala at night after work.

Me and my husband are thankful for all the blessings God has given us everyday. Most especially for the gift of life. Mommy and daddy love you so much Tala Amzi Marie♥

You truly are a special delivery to us.♥

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