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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tala's first vacation in Jaen, Nueva Ecija (without mommy and daddy) :-(

October 29, 2013

Yesterday, we went to Jaen, Nueva Ecija with Tala and her two cousins to visit tatay and nanay and for the kids to spend their sembreak. Tatay's house is improving and now has a second floor with two bedrooms and three beds. the sala is so spacious i know Tala would enjoy walking and dancing there. My now big girl Tala is enjoying the view from her bedroom. She sees vast land and trees which some have been uprooted due to the recent storm Santi. When she saw her ate Hannah on the bike she also wanted to ride but inside the basket in front of the bike. In the pictures, you will notice she's not smiling or even excited but deep inside i know she is enjoying and that she is ninanamnam ang experience nayon! I miss my baby Tala. Although she's a big girl na, she will always be my baby.

 Tala excited to see the view from her bedroom window

 She really does love her kitty cat slippers
Fighting her antok cause she still wants to play

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