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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tala @ 8 months

Our baby Tala is turning into a little “bata”. She loves to do different kinds of activities like making sounds with the use of different objects, fools around and play peek-a-boo with me and daddy. I noticed that she is now eager to walk. She can do two to three steps now then falls once you acknowledge her. She never fails to show us new and different tactics every day. Her diet consists of breastmilk, formula milk and solid food. As in solid food! She now eats kanin and ulam like a big person and not like a baby. Oh my! I think I’m missing out on some of the milestones happening to our baby Tala. Never the less, at least I know she is always in good hands whenever we are at work.
As seen from my previous blogs, Tala celebrated her eight month in Baguio City which made it extra special because we celebrated it with our relatives there. Although it was 11 degrees when we were there, Tala enjoyed the weather big time. She slept soundly without interruptions. And there’s no need for us to use a fan or open a window.
At eight months, we can really say that Tala is showing advanced skills based on the info that I got from the internet and also based on her pediatrician. Well, it’s no surprise to us that she possesses those kind of skills ‘cause her daddy Tal, when he was a toddler was also advanced…super advanced actually! I just hope and pray that in the future, it is not just her physical and mental skills that would help her advance in life but also her spiritual maturity and growth as a true Christian.  

having lunch with daddy @ cafe by the Ruins

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