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Monday, January 14, 2013

Tala's first out of town trip @ 8months

A few days before our Christmas break, Talento decided to spend the holidays in Baguio City. He thinks it is the right time to introduce our baby Tala to our relatives there. We went by bus to be safe. We were all excited to go to Baguio knowing that the temperature  was 11 degrees....brrrrr!

Here are just some of the pics i took with my iPod touch.

with ate Yashi in her room @ Aurora Hill

with mommy and daddy @ Wright Park

with kuya Miki in Aurora Hill

with daddy @ Cafe by the Ruins

late lunch with daddy at SM Baguio

with daddy in Victory Liner Baguio

with mommy and daddy in Volante
 Here are some pics from ate Erins cam.

WELCOME to SM Baguio

mommy's lunch @ Cafe by the Ruins

Family Picture in front of The Mansion

WELCOME to The Mansion

with ate Yashi during breakfast

Welcome to Session Road

Tala with kuya Garth

The Castros with kuya Glenn

Session Road with tita and cousins

with tita Helen and ate Yashi and mommy

another family picture near Wright Park

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