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Monday, May 5, 2014

Labor Day Faculty Outing April 30-May1,2014

April 30 th was a wednesday. Meaning, we need to go to church first before going to Zambales for our yearly faculty outing. Our departure time from school is 6:30 am. Our pagsamba is from 5:45 am to 6:45 am. Luckily, the bus would drive by our kapilya so there's no need for us to go to school. We were fetched at around 7:00am. The trip was long but not a boring one. Since our bus was big there's only a few of us ( around 20 people in a 65 seater bus ) we had all the extra space for our selves. The bus became one hell of a playground for some of my young colleagues.

At last we arrived at our resort just in time  for lunch. We had tilapia, rice and ensalada. We stayed in pundaquit luxury resort and it was homey and I loved it! One and a half hours later I decided to take a dip in their lovely pool. The water level is from 4 feet to 7 feet. It's a good thing they have a kiddie pool! Hehehe! My friends were surprised to see me in the pool 'cause it was still scorching hot. Well that's me! I usually swim when it's very hot and when the sun is still up. Just look at my pics. I am now darker than ever! 

Around 4:30 pm the sun started to disappear and that's the time my friends decided to go swimming while I showered and went straight to the rooftop to witness the sunset. 
You can tell from my pics that I enjoyed the sunset in pundaquit. 

Looking down I saw our dinner being cooked. We had grilled stuffed pusit, rice and mangoes (not on set). 
After dinner, we had our bonding time, leisure time and sleep time ( for me ). 

The next day, we needed to leave early for our island hopping. We first went to Capones island where the lighthouse is located. I was hesitant at first to go up and decided to just stay on the shore. But what the hell I was already there so I might as well go for it! Here are the pictures of the trail to reach the lighthouse. 

 The lighthouse was old and rusty. It didn't occur to me that the spiral staircase might break due to rust cause I was too darn excited to reach the top. 
After the spiral staircase, you still need to climb one diagonal ladder and one vertical ladder. Boy that vertical ladder made my knees weak and shakey!

At last we reached the top! Upon seeing the sea, the cliff and the shore it just came to me that God is so wonderful He made all these beautiful scenery for us to appreciate His creation. 
As you can see from the pics, we had our selfies galore and selfies all the way!!! 

Our next destination is at a nearby island still in Capones. The sand was white, the pebbles were not too rough and the water was crysal clear, clean and cool. 

Our next destination was anawangin. Well it's my second time to be in this island. Just check out my previous blog about anawangin.
The first time we went we stayed at the far right of the island. We isolated ourselves cause we really want to escape the hussle and buzzle of the city life. Now for the second time, we were able to stay at the left side of the island. We rented a shanty and a picnic nook. Two of my colleagues bought a duyan which we used to relax and sleep. Our location was just perfect cause it's next to a sari sari store that sells halo halo. In my opinion, their halo halo is the best! It is full of sahog! Better than Razons. Hehehe! 

Majority of us just slept and relaxed all the way! We left anawangin at around 4pm and returned to our resort. Some went swimming in the pool while others decided to prepare to go home. We left pundaquit with joy and content in our hearts. We were all thankful for the time given to us for us to relax,unwind and bond with our colleagues. I hope this years faculty outing would help energize us to face another school year.

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