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Sunday, May 11, 2014

One special day for my mama and me

May 9, 2014

May is a very special month for me and my mom for we get to celebrate Mother's Day and my birthday. It's a little more special for me cause Mother's Day falls exactly on my birthday. Yipee!
We celebrated our pre Mother's Day and birthday together with my ate Eya in tow. I decided to treat my mom and sis in TGI Fridays, Trinoma.

My CUTE momma!

 I ordered my favorite Jack Daniels Salmon,

my mom ordered pasta and ate had their Filipino pork liempo and we all had chicken Caesar salad. 

I love their honeydew spa drink. It consists of honeydew, pear, apples and honey. Mama ordered the strawberry gold medalist and ate tried the apple, carrot spa drink which according to my mom was my dad's favorite drink back when he used to juice fruits and veggies ( yes, juicing is old school for us ). I told them not to rush so we an savor and enjoy every minute of our stay at Fridays. I justice the ambiance and the color and the lighting of the place it's so homey and cozy.

Mama donya! Happy Mothers Day!

We all arrived there early so the place was all ours and the services was superb! Too bad ate can't stay with us for our next agenda. So, what's next in our itinerary?
My last mani and pedi session was four years ago, a day before my wedding. That's why I included in my plan a visit to a nail spa still in trinoma called Nail Tropics.

We got there at 1pm so I was beginning to worry it might be jam packed but lo and behold, there were two vacant seats. Oh lucky us! It really was our special day! I love the ambiance and the comfortable seats! I feel like a princess being dolled up all over again. Mama had the executive paraffin which costs 720 and I just got the classic mani and pedi which costs 350. Mama chose the nail polish color champagne and I had the Topaz color whose color was near the color of my nail polish when I got married four years ago. 

Well I think it's just appropriate since I'm going to attend my friend's wedding the next day. All kikay services made us hungry so we went straight to the pancake house for merienda. Mama craved for some Spanish omelet and I had country medley pancakes.

 Here we bonded like time stood still for us. We laughed and talked about the past, present and the future.

 I love and cherish moments like these with my mama. God knows how much I love her.
I know mama enjoyed and appreciated my Mother's Day gift for her. Oh wait I forgot, I always celebrate Mother's Day when I'm with her.

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