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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Terrific Two

Our precious baby Tala is now two years old and we celebrated her birthday at the manila ocean park. i just knew she would enjoy and appreciate the different animals and animal shows. When we were about to enter the premises we saw our good friend Shamcey Supsup who recognized us at once. we had our photos taken with her then after that we said our regards and goodbyes.

 Tala first saw the the different kinds of fishes in the Oceanarium. we even fed the kois for 100 pesos which includes a picture of you feeding the kois. Tala was so amazed to see the big fishes and the manta rays. She also enjoyed running around the big space inside. 

Next we saw the bird show. Tala didnt appreciate it 'cause she was so hyper she wanted to run around instead, but after the show the host of the bird show announced that we can have our pictures taken with Buddy the cockatoo and Sassy the macaw. There, Tala appreciated the beauty of the birds up close and personal. Plus, she didn't want to say goodbye to the birds.

So, after the show we had lunch at Gerry's Grill and while we were waiting for our orders to come, Tala and I rode the carousel nearby. We needed to to hurry 'cause the sea lion show is about to start. 

Since the sea lions are bigger, Tala was able to see and appreciate the tricks and funny antics of the two sea lions. After Tala had her fun watching the sea lions, she got tired and weary so we decided to go to a coffee shop. Good thing the lounge area at the coffee shop was cozy and the sofa was just right for tala to lie on. The name of the coffee shop was Green Bean. I was supposed to order the civet coffee but it was not available that time. So i just ordered the Tahitian Vanilla and it was oh so good! I just love vanilla! 

When Tala woke up we went to see the penguin talk show but we weren't able to finish it 'cause Tala got bored. Hell, I got bored too! We just went to see the jelly fishes instead. I personally enjoyed the Jellies 'cause the room was dark/dim and i find it very relaxing and romantic too. Well, it's because of the lighting which contributed to the lovely ambiance.

 What Tala enjoyed the most was the sounds and lights show. I only took a few pictures from that show simply because i was too busy to look at my happy baby Tala and her funny reactions. We spent the whole day celebrating Tala's second birthday. we got tired and beat up but it was all worth it 'cause it was my baby's day and it was one of the happiest days of my life because my baby Tala was happy!

May God our Father, bless, guard, guide and protect her all the days of her life. May God help us to become good and loving parents that we may prepare her to become a good christian.

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