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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Movie Addicts

My mom and I are certified movie addicts! We love to watch movies all day and all night. Both of us can be movie critics and we can do this for a living. I've seen so many movies since I was a kid but most of the titles I've forgotten already. DARN!

Sometimes my mom and I would watch another movie after finishing one. Matakaw talaga kai sa sine!

Here are the list of some of the movies I've seen and remembered starting when I was a kid.

1. ET
2. never Ending Story
3. Star Wars 4, 5 and 6
4. Superman 1-4
5. Howard the Duck
6. Alien
7. Aliens
8. No Way Out
9. 10 to Midnight
10. Make my Day -Dirty Harry
11. Pink Cadillac
12. 3 men and a baby
13. 3 men and a little lady
14. Ghostbusters
15. Legend
16. Nightmare on Elm Street
17. Friday the 13th
18. The Unnamable
19. The Exorcist 1-3
20. Slugs
21. Killer Klownz from outer space
22. Night of the creeps
23. Critters 1-2
24. Attack of the killer tomatoes
25. Willow
26. Star Trek
27. Pretty In Pink
28. St. Elmo's Fire
29. The Breakfast Club
30. Carrie

Aliens and No Way Out were the two movies I've seen with my dad. We're five when we entered the movie house but we only occupied 4 seats. Go figure! ;-)

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  1. Hmmmmm, Slugs! I remember one scene, the couple were making love then when the girl was about to go the wash room, she slipped! Eooow! Daming slug!!!! Sinipsip ata siya eh.