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Monday, May 16, 2016

Baguio Holiday (part 3): Joy Rides and Family Dinner

December 28, 2015

We all woke up early to catch the hotel's breakfast buffet. We planned to leave early to avoid traffic going to the BenCab museum.
mirror selfie before breakfast

What I love about our hotel is the location. Vacant taxi cabs usually pass by our hotel which is very convenient for us. By the way our hotel is located at General Luna road.

After our sumptuous breakfast buffet, we headed out to go explore some of the new spots in Baguio City staring with BenCab Museum.

I tell going to BenCab Museum was easy breezy but pricey. It was flagged down and was worth 250 pesos just going there. When we arrived, lo and behold, it was closed! What? It means I would be spending another 250 pesos going back to session road. Haay! :-(

Our taxi driver offered his services to us in case we need to go somewhere else like Mines View, Wright Park, John Hay and the like, but we declined his kind offer for we are no dayo of Baguio City. Meaning we've been there and done that. Besides, Baguio is our home!

Once we were in session we immediately went to Maharlika to buy pasalubong for ate Anna. She's into long silver necklaces so that's what I'm buying her. Next we visited the market then had lunch at Sizzling Plate. Aside from ordering sizzling steaks we also ordered their specialty dessert which was sans rival. It was the yummiest sans rival ever! You should try it when you're in Baguio!

Welcome to Sizzling Plate!

My sumptuous lunch!



oh so pretty and elegant

We went back to our hotel gastronomically satisfied!

Come dinner time, we were already at my cousin's house in Aurora Hill. He and his family with her mom, auntie Helen (my dad's sister) live in the Padilla-Floresca ancestral house/home. We had the loveliest dinner. It was all healthy and fresh! I was in healthy heaven! Sayang my nephews and niece was not there for they have their Calara reunion party in Camp 7. Over dinner, we mentioned that the bencab museum was closed and my cousin laughed and told us that all museums in Baguio are closed every Monday. Oh my! Never knew that! Silly me! Another sayang is that we were not able to take pictures. Sad! :-(

It was nearly my mom's bedtime so we needed to return to our hotel. My cousin , his wife and auntie Helen gave us a ride back to our hotel.

At the hotel, I invited my mom and ate for a night cap at the hotel's bar. My mom declined 'cause she really needs to sleep but my ate happily accepted my invite. My ate and I bonded over life, love, work, family and lovelife. We enjoyed each others company and also enjoyed our drinks that helped us snooze off.
my beautiful date!

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