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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Baguio Holiday (part 4): Ate went home, We had dinner at Hill Station

December 29, 2015

My ate needed to leave that day for she is needed back at work. We had our early buffet breakfast then off we went to session road to stroll. Our mom didn't go with us, so she just asked us to buy her lunch when we get back. My ate and I both love walking along session road. It brings back good old childhood memories like pasyalan with my cousins, our gimik days and nights and some mischievous shinanigans in the city. 

Before we we went back to Citylight hotel, we decided to buy mama her lunch at the famous Don Henricos. Then of course while waiting for our food, we had our selfies for posterity's sake!

 After lunch, my ate and I went to Victory station and waited for almost an hour before her departure time. Sayang my ate was not able to celebrate new year with us. :-(

Before going to Hill Station, we need to make a selfie and show off our OOTN (outfit of the night)
she loves her jacket given by ate anna

oh mama you look good!

really? let me take a look!

Dinner time at Hill Station was romantic! Hill Station is located in Casa Vallejo. My mom told me they used to stay there and she noticed a lot has changed.

We were seated outside 'cause my mom loved their garden and because I forgot to make reservations. Yes you need to make reservations to get the best seats in the house. She ordered the lengua while I tried their Moroccan spare ribs. It was a delightful dinner! It was also romantic! Hopefully next time ate Eya and Anna would be able to join us next time.

When we were about to leave the place, I heard someone call my name and to my surprise, it was one of my students at FERN. Everyone meet my beautiful former student, Karina. You can call her Kash! I was so happy to see her! And I know she was also glad to see me! What a romantic place indeed this Hill Station!

My beautiful student Karina

Beautiful Kash and me

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